Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Big Girls...and Boy

Here's the whole gang, at least the big ones. The big white one in the bottom right corner is the rooster, Cole. I threw some food and took the picture. They LOVE food!

Silver Laced Wyndotte

This is Sylvia. She is so funny, and really soft. Silver Laced Wyndottes are categorized as "ornamental", meaning for decoration.

Rhode Islend Red

This is Maria, the Rhode Island Red. She's my sister's, but maybe the prettiest. See the dog houses on either side of her?


Here is Whoopi, my Polish. Isn't she funny looking? You can't even see her eyes unless you pick her up!! I love her!! She just walks up to you, because she can't see.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cute Pic

This is just a cute pic I took. They were all huddled up and cozy!


This is Ava, the Americauna. She is so sweet, even though in this picture, she looks kinda mean. She isn't though, but she's crazy! a good way!

OK, I wrote that a while ago, and now I know that Ava is really Evan. Yeah....

Old English Game Bantam

These are the Old English Game Bantams, Brittany (F, left) and Bruiser (M, right). They are sooo tiny and adorable! I should have held one to show you how small they are... Oh well.


These are my two white Silkies. Paris (F, right) and Fabio (M, left). They are so funny looking! I love watching them walk around.


I think I finally got some pictures of my chickens!! Yay!!! Here they are.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is a list of every single chicken in our flock. As you can see, We've lost and gained quite a few since my last report.

Americaunas: Bella{F}, Skittles{M}, Snickers{M}, A.J.[Alex Jr.]{M}, Ava{F...we think}

White Rock: Cole{M}, Bundle{F}

Delaware: Annie{F}

Rhode Island Red: Bridgett{F}, Lena{F}, Crissy{F}, Maria{F}, Butterscotch{F}

Polish: Bethany {F}, Whoopie Goldburg {F}

Old English Game Bantam: Bruiser{M}, Brittany{F}

Other/Unknown: Athena{F}, Zeus{M}, Neptune{M}

Silkie: Paris{F}, Fabio{M}

That's every single chicken we own. Some you may not recognize, either their gender was discovered or they weren't mentioned before. Thanks!

Animalz rock,


New Chicks

Me again. Sorry I've not blogged in like, ever! I just got home from vacation. Anyways, I got six new chicks at the fair! Three Polish{which have huge crests}, two little tiny chickens{boy and girl}, and one americauna pullet...I hope. I am so sorry the I don't have any pictures yet, I'm not sure how to get them on the computer, LOL, but I'll try to get some ASAP. Thanks for hangin on!

Love always,


(P.S. I made a new blog! It's

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So Sad

I went to Florida for five days with my friend last week. When I came home, I found out that one of favorite chickens died. Ally. Also, one of my sisters chickens is sick. He can't stand up right. It's the same thing that happened to one of her other roosters. I had a good time in Florida, but it was sad coming home to such bad news.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


When your chicks are, well, chicks, you should get a small waterer (or two, depending on the amount of chicks). When they get a little older, get a larger waterer. When adults, the chickens need a large, maybe 5 gallon waterer.


You need somewhere for chickens to live. There needs to be at least 1 square foot per chicken. So the chickens don't suffocate, you should put in some sort of ventilation. My coop has 2 sides with square holes. The holes have chicken wire over them. You should also have a roost and nesting boxes.


For chicks, you need small feeders, size depending on the amount of chicks. Some are long and can be made of plastic of metal. These are best for around 20 chicks.Others can just be round and made of metal. These would be better for up to about 5 or 6.

For adult chickens, you need a large metal container. (Sorry, I'm not sure how big they are!) They can hang from the ceiling of the coop.

As for food, for babies there is starter. For medium aged chicks, there is pellet feed. When chickens start laying, buy layer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pickin' a Chicken

How do I pick the perfect chicken? Well, that's a good question. It really depends. Here are some questions, and hopefully answers:

1. Breed: What breed should I get? --It depends on where you live and why you want to own chickens. If you live in a small place with a small yard, you might want to get a small chicken. A Silkie might be the right choice for you. This cute, fluffy little bird is a small breed with a very good temperment, and are also fantastic mothers. If you have lots of room, and you want chickens for meat, get a breed like the White Rock. They are very large, full birds with plenty of meat. Look for books on breeds for more info.--

2. Personality: What personality should I get? --If you are buying lots of birds, it doesn't much matter. But, if you want a few chickens as pets, you want a chicken that is sweet. If you are raising chicks, love your chicks as much as possible. (This way they will grow up loving you!)--

3. Condition: Does condition matter? If so, how? --Condition plays a pretty big part. If you buy a skimpy, half-dead chicks, they might not live long. I once bought a bunch of chicks at a farmers market for almost nothing (they were in a box together all stuffy), and they ALL died!--

That's pretty much it. Just think about that.

Luv 2 pets,


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Chickens

here is the list of my chickens- breed, gender, and name:

Americanas: Bella-F, Skittles-hopefully F

Rhode Island Red: Bridgett-F, Crissy-F, Butterscotch-F

Delaware: Ally(Alice)-F

Silver Laced Wyndotte: Sylvia-F

Silkie: Zha-Zha(pronounced like sha sha, only kind of Z sound)-ummm...not sure yet...

well, that's not all the chickens in our yard. check out my sister's blog for the rest. it's at the bottom of the page ;)

that's my chickens, and i love them all!! well, if YOU have pets (any kind), tell me!

lots of luv 2 animls,


(check it out! my sister's page is: she would really like it if you visited!!)

Chicken Care 101: Intro

Hey. I'm chickengirl, and this is my blog. In my blog, I'm gonna have lots of tips on chicken care and updates on my chicken status. Thanks y'all, and please please please leave comments!

Ok, first of all, if anyone that visits this page owns chickens or would like to, please let me know. I'd love to talk to you about owning them, and maybe we could exchange tips!

Second of all, i LOVE chickens! i'm really kind of obsessed. This is true: Almost whenever i see something with a chicken or rooster on it, (e.g. a mailbox or a hand towel) I say, "look! chicken!" Yeah, pretty weird. Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my, well, obsession!

Peace Peeps,