Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is a list of every single chicken in our flock. As you can see, We've lost and gained quite a few since my last report.

Americaunas: Bella{F}, Skittles{M}, Snickers{M}, A.J.[Alex Jr.]{M}, Ava{F...we think}

White Rock: Cole{M}, Bundle{F}

Delaware: Annie{F}

Rhode Island Red: Bridgett{F}, Lena{F}, Crissy{F}, Maria{F}, Butterscotch{F}

Polish: Bethany {F}, Whoopie Goldburg {F}

Old English Game Bantam: Bruiser{M}, Brittany{F}

Other/Unknown: Athena{F}, Zeus{M}, Neptune{M}

Silkie: Paris{F}, Fabio{M}

That's every single chicken we own. Some you may not recognize, either their gender was discovered or they weren't mentioned before. Thanks!

Animalz rock,


New Chicks

Me again. Sorry I've not blogged in like, ever! I just got home from vacation. Anyways, I got six new chicks at the fair! Three Polish{which have huge crests}, two little tiny chickens{boy and girl}, and one americauna pullet...I hope. I am so sorry the I don't have any pictures yet, I'm not sure how to get them on the computer, LOL, but I'll try to get some ASAP. Thanks for hangin on!

Love always,


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